Harmonic passages of piano keys and dreamy synthesizer textures dance with a voice that guides listeners through the inner depths of imaginary worlds.

The interplay of Tisa and Mojca calls towards the multiplicity of potentiality and magic-like experience. Their compositions are windows into the stories of the world, unwinded by improvised passages.

Mojca Zupančič (keys, voice) and Tisa Neža Herlec (voice, objects, flutes) are longtime co-creators, actively performing at home and abroad, most often in the formation of a duo, which sporadically expands into larger ensembles.

Genre-wise, they span beyond electronic ambient music, contemporary improvisation, cabaret and inspired, intuitive poetry. They perform with a great deal of theatricality and liveliness, as well as frank realism, with which they appeal to that within humans that is common to us all.

From September to November 2023 they will be artists in residency at Pondalize, CreativePowerGarage101 in Namegawa, Saitama province in Japan! Composing their new album that will be released in 2024 and performing, meeting local artists, exchanging and inspiring.
"24H" a 24-hour interdisciplinary collective happening
Sign Gallery, Groningen,
Spring 2019
"Obrazi - Sensibilisation & Fear", lecture blended w/a noise performance,
Lust, Groningen,
Autumn 2019
"Infinity", a performance for bodies and voices that lasted until all members of the audience left the hall,
The World We Live in Festival, PCC, Groningen, Spring 2019
RADADAR: a multimedia digestive circuit
Cirkulacija2 & Radio Študent, Ljubljana,
Winter 2020
"Wooden Sticks On A Tractor Fitted With A Dozer Blade",
experimental video,
Krnica, Slovenia,
Summer 2020
"We create worlds and inhabit them with creatures, and observe them surpass the borders of their skies, only to land in the middle of the stage where we can interact with them and amplify their stories into the human realm."
Mojca Zupančič & Tisa World
"Once Upon Again"
[rezidenca], Amsterdam, Winter 2022

grand piano & voice
Live at Hrušica, Ljubljana,
Winter 2021

pianet & voice
Live at VROOOM #86,
Le SUD, Rotterdam,
Winter 2021

prophet synth & voice
Voronoi Collective trio CD,
live recording,
Tisa Boat, Groningen,
Summer 2021

with Ruggero di Luisi (percussion, electronics)

"Tracing, dancing"
collective release: RE#SISTANT BODIES, Worm,
Winter 2022

Sincerely welcome!

Oct 22: 18:45 - performance;
Kunitachi City Community Center, Kunitachi City, Tokyo

Oct 28: 13:30 - sound and movement workshop for children and adults;
Sky Hall, Yoshimi, Hiki District, Saitama

Oct 29: 16:00 - performance with Miyuki Kobayashi (movement, koto), Masa-chan (biwa) & others;
Sky Hall, Yoshimi, Hiki District, Saitama

Nov 05: 18:00 - performance;
Annies' Cafe, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto

Nov 06: 20:00 - performance together with Christopher Fryman (trumpet) & Jerry Gordon;
Ootsubunonamida, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto

Nov 08: 19:00 - performance;
Pepper Land, Kita Ward, Okayama

Nov 18: 19:30 - performance together with Masayo Koketsu (sax);
Bar Isshee, Bunkyo City, Tokyo